Maritime Software Applications

Development of Computer Based Training

The CBTs are tailor-made according to the management system and requirements of the company.

The CBT texts and multimedia content are presented to your company, and changes based on your comments are made, if necessary, in order to accurately describe the company’s information to be presented on-board.

Omega Marine Group has developed more than 40 company specific CBTs and e-Manuals:

  • Familiarization CBT for more than 35 Shipping Companies.
  • Environmental CBT for more than 15 Shipping Companies.
  • Risk Assessment CBT for more than 10 Shipping Companies.
  • E-Manuals for 5 Companies.
  • Interactive Computer based training courses development
    • Management System Familiarization CBT
    • Environmental Management System CBT
    • VGP/eNOI CBT
    • Marine Risk Assessment CBT(For Tankers and Bulk Carriers)
  • Custom made training subjects
  • Specialized software applications development
  • E-Manual – Electronic SMS including all shipboard manuals and forms
  • Computer Based Training Management Software: A complete integrated solution for multiple Computer Based Training Modules and Tests customized to each company’s needs