Crew Manning

We are committed crew managers and crew manning agents.

The first type of crewing service that we offer is our crew manning scheme, which can be extended to include add-on crewing services following Principals’ relevant requests.

A basic advantage of  Omega Marine Group is its ability to guarantee the quality and competence of proposed crew. This allows us to be certain about the skill set of each individual crew member, schedule and complete any training requirement before embarkation of crew members (even under conditions of time pressure) and meet all training expectations in the most cost-efficient way.

The maintenance of long-term relationships with trusted Principals is our proof of dedicated personal servicing and an unconditional ethos of transparency in all aspects of the crew manning process. Under this scheme,  Omega Marine Group assumes the responsibility -based on Principal’s crew-related request- to identify, select, propose, recruit, train and eventually provide fully competent crew, maintain this crew pool, and establish a fine balance between Principals’ pressing needs and Seafarers’ career expectations.