Bulk Carriers Management System

Bulk Carriers Management System

Omega Marine Group review and restructuring of company’s Safety Management System to meet the below standards:

  • RIGHTSHIP Dry Bulk Standards as incorporated / stipulated within the “Inspection and Assessment Report For Dry Cargo Ships

The above will be performed in the following stages:

  • Total Quality Consultants in cooperation with Client, set the Specifications of the BMSA Project (i.e. extent and stage which will be integrated within the SMS).
  • Client advises Total Quality Consultants regarding the SMS structure required.
  • Total Quality Consultants will prepare and develop the relevant Indexing in compliance with the structure agreed.
  • Total Quality Consultants will develop the relevant BMSA documentation as agreed for the review of the client.

Review of SMS Against DBMS

During this phase we proceed with the below actions:

  • Modification/ amendment of existing SMS Manuals and introduction of new procedures/ instructions/ forms as necessary to incorporate the DBMS requirements based on your individual SMS and compliance needs.
  • Furthermore, we shall provide supplementary information where applicable for specific oil major requirements as per clients’ request.
  • Upon delivery of the SMS, training sessions are arranged for the people of the company for the familiarization of the revised SMS.